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What is the Best Beat Making Software?

Making Beats to a Professional Standard with Beat Making Software

Beat Making SoftwareIf you are seriously thinking of becoming a music producer or a real beat-maker, there is a whole range of software that can help you do exactly that.  Much of this software is sold at reasonable prices that most people can afford.  Not so long ago, only top producers could afford the very best beat making software.  Today, it’s a different story.

A lot of beat making software is also very user friendly.  The best beat making software enables those new to music production to easily come up with beats of their own in a very short period of time.  It also means beginners can learn directly from the software as it usually comes with some video tutorials as well.  

It’s now pretty easy to get hold of these kinds of products online searching the internet. Anyone interested could just download a trial or even one of the so-called ‘free beat makers’.  They are a bit basic, but better than nothing. 

Or you could just go the extra mile and buy some truly excellent beat-making software that really works and actually does everything you need.  Some of the best beat making software available online can also enable beat-makers to make some money, as they could eventually sell their beats to other music producers, sometimes for a good price. 

First of all, if you are new to making beats then you can learn the basics just by taking a look at the video below:

How to Make A Beat

The video above shows the basic steps you would take in building a beat from scratch, once you have some sounds already set up and ready to go.   In the video he is using Garage Band, a basic music production software that comes with any Apple Mac computer, but it demonstrates the same steps that you would take in the process of making a beat with most beat making software.

But which is the best beat making software to use?  This depends on what’s best for you, but consider the following:

The Best Beat Making Software – Four Things You Should Know…..

There are 4 Things You Should Know Before You Purchase any Beat Making Software.

It’s possible for almost anybody who can click a mouse to make good beats.  In fact all you need is to have some truly excellent beat making software and some earphones, and you’re already on track to being a real beat producer. 

The most important thing to ask yourself is, how do you choose and decide which is the best beat making software for you?  I’d like to help you with that and clarify the FOUR main questions that you need to consider when choosing a good beat maker.  Obviously, don’t just go out and get any old beat making software, whether from a store or online.  Give this some thought first, and then make your choice based upon the following 4 things:  

1. If you are completely new to making beats, you need to see if the beat making software is simple and easy to use.  It could be difficult to know this until you have already tried it.  You might invest a great deal of money in a beat maker and then discover that the software is way too complex for someone just starting out with beat making and music production.

You should learn on something that is easy to utilize so that you do not get discouraged too early on and throw in the towel before you really get going.  Then you would have blown cash on something you don’t even make use of!  The most user friendly beat makers to learn stuff on are sometimes also the least expensive.

Sonic Producer and Dr Drum are 2 examples of the best beat making software available because they’re quick to learn on and you can start cranking out beats pretty fast. 

Beat making software can be either online or offline, for example Sonic Producer is online software you log into to use, but Dr. Drum is downloaded to your PC or Mac.   Whereas, Mega Music Maker gives you both options when you purchase it, but has a very different look and feel to it’s interface. 

2. Check that the beat making software already has some beats built into it.  If you buy a beat maker and then find you’ve actually got to go and purchase some beats too, you could just run out of cash and then you’ll really have a problem.  Do yourself a favor and look into this before you buy anything.  It’s quite easy to get all hyped up about making beats on your brand-new beat maker and forget that before you can actually make anything, you’ve got to have something to work with first.  You don’t want to have to get your credit card out yet again.  The best beat making software should come with some good beats already built into it.

3. A huge audio files database.  Like with the beats, the best beat making software will have a whole load of sound files to make use of.  Check that your beat maker has a large range of hi-hat, drum, keyboard, and a whole library of other sounds to work with.

Choose wav format, do not buy software that uses mp3 sounds or only exports to mp3 file format.  You need software which will enable you to save your loops and beats as .wav, which is the format used by most professional artists.  Whenever you save your loop as an mp3 file, you actually dampen the frequencies along with the high quality audio on the recording, which is why you should generally save your loops and beats as .wav files!

4. Make sure that your beat maker software has good tutorials included with it.  You do not want to wind up with something you can’t figure out just because the tutorials suck or some fool forgot to include them with the software.  You need to look at the software as something you should study and research and can learn from as you go along.  As soon as you get the hang of it you’ll be making some great and fantastic beats, much sooner than you think.  

I hope this write-up has given you some things to think about when you’re deciding which is the best beat making software for you.  If you truly want to make wicked beats, then get the right beat maker, and get on the right track to making the beats you’ve always wanted to!

Best Beat Making Software - No Studio Needed!

Yes, it really is that simple!

You don’t need to have an entire sound studio with a mixing desk the size of a house to start producing beats to a professional standard.  You could soon be making beats that will fill the dance floor and get you established as a real music producer!

It doesn’t matter what kind of beats you want to make, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, House, Hip Hop, whatever, with the right beat making software on your PC or Mac you can produce pretty much anything you want.

As said earlier, all you need to have is the best beat making software and some earphones, and you’re on your way to being an excellent beat-maker and producer.   It doesn’t take long to make a beat once you know how and the more beats you produce, the easier it gets. 

Before you know it people will be asking you how they can make beats too!

Toni D. Lambranja 

Making Beats since 2009!